Can Comodo Save Xp from the end?

Hey just curious probably have no idea what I am talking about. Can Comodo make some sort of software, that lets Xp stay offline, but virtualize all the programs that go online? Maybe lock all the xp files so no system change is possible? making a secondary hard drive accessible only if you have one? locking the first drive to xp, so the software your currently have stays the same and cannot be changed. I dunno just seems silly that a tone of user’s will be sol. Be good to buy some microsoft stocks and sell it at the end of the year lol , thats for sure to hit the roof.

Hey Seff, there are ways to configure your system to have network access but restrict internet access using Comodo. However, if you are like me, and are going to continue to use xp for while, a few security tips I picked up are to use a limited user account when accessing the internet, uninstall flash and java, stick with 3rd party browsers which will continue to be updated and do not use explorer, utilize tools such as no script, priv dog and secure dns, and finally just be smart about it.

And who knows, I’m sure something will come along for us stubborn xp users that will be safe, and painless to install along with our current systems.