Can Comodo Repair/Clean/Heal or Disinfect file infector Virus ?

Some of malware that’s called Virus can inject itself into executable file.
Such as Win32.Virut , Win32.Alman , Win32.Fujack , Win32.Hala , Win32.Sality or Win32.Parite
It’s infect an exe files by modification an original file.

Back to a thread topic, I’m suggest Can the infected files repair by Comodo Antivirus ?
Because some AntiVirus software can’t do that it’s clean by deleting file.

No, They can only quarantine or remove, so far!

I believe that cleaning would come later in the dev.

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The reason AV’s ( any AV in such case ) can not disinfect ( part of ) Virut infections is because Virut is verry buggy and may misinfect executable files so they end up corrupted :-\

Here an excellent article about it from Security Specialist Mieke Verburgh :

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so will comodo detect virut before it struck???

Defense+ will prevent the running from Virut before it can do any harm and infect your computer. (only if you recognise the pop-up of course)


so what setting should i use? paranoid ones??? ;D i have strucked once n i told you…it was disasterous!!! ;D i have to let go all of my *.exe…otherwise it wil infect again and again…

it depends i guess. if you install CIS on a new machine (therefore the machine is 100% clean/uninfected) then Clean PC mode or safe mode should be sufficient 88)