Can Comodo please fix this at least 20 year old irritation

Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid. The file could be corrupt due to unauthorized modification or the invalid hash could indicate a potential disk device error.

File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume14\Windows\System32\guard64.dll

Now there is nothing wrong with the nvme I have checked it inside out and backwards and then I discover after wasting a LOT of time that this issue has been occurring since 2009!

It’ll be fixed in the future - yeah right - the future is now and it’s not like it’s a non problem, I have been trying to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it’s been CTD’ing the only correlation in any log is that every time it happens this pops up in the security log. and I don’t mean occasionally or sometimes but EVERY time.

I think 20 years is long enough for the Comodo people to fix this so can you finally fix it please.

sorry, try add files and folders in exceptions of antivirus, hips, sandbox and firewall…
see tutorial in site help of comodo: Manage Quarantined Items, Remove & Isolate suspicious files | Internet Security Help

sorry my english, good day!

are you sure that dll is cis dll in real ,?

Hi maxoptimus,

Thank you for reporting.
guard64.dll is CIS file and it is used to check shellcode injections.


in any way better share md5 of that file so support will known if it’s cis file or maybe virus infected…