Can Comodo log all outgoing traffic from a specific Software?

Hi Guys,

I’m investigating a software behavior, and I wanted to see what IP/Domains the app is connecting to (to see if it’s sending data to an address it’s not supposed to… i dont need to log the data it’s sending i just need to log all its outgoing connections…

If comodo can’t do this, what can?

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You can, or well you’re supposed to be able to do it anyway, set up an application rule for the application and then add the rules you want for it and then tick the box that enabled logging.

To see what has been logged then go to the logs and filter for only that application.

Edit: If you want I can make a video example.

Also BrownChiLD, If you are just wanting to see what these software are connecting to at the time of their use, simply click your active connections button in your comodo interface to monitor which ip’s they are connecting to and how many bytes in or out of your system is being tunneled.

ahh yes, I actually use Sysinternal’s process explorer for this, very handy… however i can’t be looking at it all the time, need to “catch” the software when it does it randomly (as i suspect) … so logging all the connection’s it’s made throughout the day would be ideal… tnx tho!

ahh great idea… i didnt realize it was that easy lolz but thanks man… much appreciated!

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 can monitor per application network traffic.
You can download it here:

Thanks ronny but does that “log” the connections per application? or is it just LIVE VIEWING? I couldnt find answer to this question from the product page itself…

[b]Set alert Frequency level[/b] - Enabling this option allows you to configure the amount of alerts that Comodo Firewall generates,.......
Level - Very high - doesn't help? If you want more control. If about it a question? ??? Edit: Also FW - to put on the user mode.

It’s live viewing, but you can also ‘save’ the capture to file(s).
Something like Wireshark but NetMon is capable of determining which process caused which traffic.

hmmm… interesting indeed. I’ll definitely check it out, thanks a bunch!