Can Comodo Firewall properly filter and/or block QUIC Protocol?

Can Comodo Firewall properly filter and/or block QUIC Protocol(I think it was created by google). I know quic is Quick UDP

If I wanted to block Dragon or Chrome from using Quic Protocol
Example:I would create a firewall rule to block udp 443 in order to block Quick UPD. Then chrome will use the traditional tcp 443 chrome. Would that be right?

If true I can would also block HTTP and SMB on the UPD side of things too as they can also use the new google protocol

I would think so. I recently edited the default browser to to allow it. Now I see UDP 443 get blocked by windows operating system after closing Firefox and the web servers are still trying to communicate to the closed browser.

Comodo firewall dose not filter on application layer only network, transport, and MAC layers, so when you block UDP you are blocking the transport protocol the application protocol uses.

thank you both for the info :slight_smile: This was more of just inquiring info then need firewall help, but I understand why it got transferred here. In a week or two, I got roughly(a small portion) 50 machines. I’ll be doing this two of my own. I’ll testing it out with “wireshark” on my own machines first. I’m going to learn more about quic online as I lack the level of knowledge on it