can comodo fiewall stop personal id info from being sent out from your computer

i have zone alarm security suite it has a id vault that lets you know if the personal id’s like,email address,phone no.
social security no.or other things that would be sent out without your knowledge like thru email? does comodo have anything like this.
i’m trying to get away from zone alarm it’s way to bloated, takes up to much cpu,but i like that one thing.

No Comodo has nothing like that built into the firewall. The part of Zone Alarm that does that doesn’t have anything to do with the firewall actually. It is a service provided by Identity Theft Protection. You can buy it separately but they package it into Zone Alarm to get more money out of you. I have actually never needed such a service. Just follow some basic rules like never giving out your email unless needed. Also you can make a false email address under a different name if you need to give a web site or somebody your email.

Well, I am not sure anyone can protect against this properly.

here is why: If i wanted to steal your ID, then i would simply encrypt it before I send it out. Hence defeat any protection you have that checks to see if your ID is being sent out or not because it will not recognise the encrypted data (ID).

Real protection is to prevent the malware getting into your PC in the first place.


Software is no replacement for using one’s brain… (And that’s not meant personally wrt the OP here).

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