Can CmdAgent.exe be disabled


I was wondering if this service is all that necessary. I’m thinking of disabling it but I’m not sure if it’s going to effect the functionality. Does anybody know what this service is for and if it can be disabled


Hi This service should not be disabled! When it comes to firewall and its own services nothing should be really disabled due to all kinds of reasons and they are very important ! Some of them are: Firewall Crashes /Ports not steathed/Firewall stops responding/Service Crashes/Unexpected Errors timed out etc… This could lead to chaos lol so dont do it because i have never heard before that somebody had disabled cmdagent and was able to use a firewall without any problems! Its just not recommended to disable it :o

I wish to temporarily disable cmdagent.exe so that I can play a demanding game off-line. I can not end this using task manager in XP pro SP2 , or by using “What’s running”. I suppose administrative tools/services is the only way, is this correct ? I also can notdisable the “guard.exe” component of AVG anti-spyware in task manager - “not allowed” message although I am in administrator login, and this one is not even shown in adminiostrative tools/services at all ! What a pain ! It is there even if the main anti-spyware element is shut down from the tray next to the windows clock.

If I were to go over to Comodo Boclean as a replacement for AVG Anti-spyware, would I be able to completely shut down all components when gaming off-line ?

The games in question, Oblivion and Stalker need all available resources to run best. (R)

You should use services.msc(Administrative Tools → Services) to disable cmdagent.exe, and then reboot.
To be able to terminate ANY process, use IceSword. It’ll install a driver (CFP 3 should warn you about it, just allow it). It’ll even be able to kill cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe (since nothing can protect from termination by a driver).
When you’ve had enough of Oblivion/Stalker, set it to Automatic and then reboot again to get the protection back :wink:
Anyways, cmdagent.exe doesn’t require too much RAM, so you shouldn’t notice any different.


thanks for the trip qabout icesword, I’m looking forward to trying that. Meanwhile I’ve had a think and I suppose I should create a gaming profile with minimum things running for that purpose, but
I have already installed several services for all users, comodo included.Must inspect XP help further I think.

Most grateful for your kind reply.

You should use hardware profiles (see this article). You should be fine with disabling everything except:
Event Log
Plug and Play
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Windows Audio (I suppose you want sound during the gameplay)
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
(DNS Client and DHCP client can be disabled if you play offline, and you can try if Internet works with them disabled)

I am a hardcore gamer and leave Comodo running all the time while I play games. See my sticky.