Can CAVS replace BoClean? [Resolved]

I have just downloaded CAVS yesterday and it seems to be working fine, but today for some reason Boclean will not work and “has encountered a problem” Can CAVS do all that Boclean does? Boclean has always worked up to this point. Is there a conflict? I could not find anything in the forum about this.


hi grcguy.
maybe the conflict is between CMG & CBOClean.

Sounds like something may have gone wrong with your installation, are you running any other security products?
I’d suggest uninstalling both and then re-installing in safe mode.
In regard to “CAVS do all that Boclean does”, a couple of thoughts come to mind.
They use 2 completely different technologies for malware detection, one signature based (CAVS) the other memory based (CBO).
CAVS is a Beta product and not recommended for production boxen whereas BOClean has over ten years of proven history.
A new version of CAVS should out before much longer that is supposed to incorporate the BOClean detection data base.

Hi grcguy :slight_smile:

I also notice that you do not use the latest version of CMG : v. beta.

I suggest you reinstall CAVS and CBOClean as descriped by ~cat~ , and than update your CMG.

Greetz, Red.


I reloaded Boclean and everything seems to be fine. I will update the Memory Guardian.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll probably be back at some point for more help in the future…

Well we have alot of members here waiting to help :slight_smile:

And on that note I’ll lock this and mark as resolved…
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