Can BO Clean replace Spybot S&D teatimer?

I apologize if this question has been asked before, which it probably has. I think I recall seeing it somewhere but I can’t find it now and the internet seems to be useless in answering this question so I’ll get it from the experts.

Can BO Clean replace Spybot S&D resident teatimer? From what I’ve read I think it can, just would like to make sure. No sense having two processes that do the same thing running at the same time.

If it helps any I’m also using Firefox as my browser with the latest version of comodo firewall, AVG (for some reason CAVS 2.0 has a problem on my system although I will try it again once school is out), Spybot S&D, Ad Aware Personal, and A squared free. Those last three serve just for scanning purposes except for Teatimer.

I sense I have too many things installed but rather be safe than sorry…

Thanks for the help

BOC, or “CB”, is not a substitute for spybot’s teatimer… if you like using spybot’s “teatimer”, i think you should keep using it…

BOC, or “CB”, is primarily an anti-trojan program, so it could be a substitute for other anti-trojan/anti-malware programs, like “trojanhunter”, or “superantispyware pro”, or “avg antimalware”, or “a-squared antimalware”…those types of “anti-trojan” programs…

I agree, IMHO>I think you need to see CB as a ‘compiment’ to existing Security Layer rather then a ‘substitute’ (:KWL)

I agree too, it is not a substitute. Comodo BOClean is an Anti-Malware program. Spybot’s Teatimer is more a HIPS. So if you like using it, keep it :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

With many bogus help sites, it’s worth noting the tone and content here instantly induced comfort, knowing or think one is knowing that this is a “safe” place to come. I’ve just gotten more good information on this site than the past dozen. Each contributor (except me, I suppose) has something utterly utile to add, and now I have all Spybost, AVG7.5, MS Defender up and running, with A-squared to come in a minute.

I have experienced staggering losses - more than once - because of viruses. Now, everything is triple-backed up, and all of my 'puters will have these four programs. I wish I could thank each of you with a thousand-dollar bill. What a freaking relief!

  • P.S. in hope of contributing SOMETHING useful :-X, at least ninety-nine percent of all the malware, et alia that my machines have suffered were because I or someone using them visiting places we really shouldn’t have been. This is not to preach abstention from crackware or porn, etc., only that forty-plus infection or multi-infection episodes have almost always been preceded by sticking our noses where noses may not belong. If I have spent a few hundred dollars for software, look how much absence of concern there is, now that we’re doing it as it should be, and supporting the poor bastards who make little enough for their giant works. That’s it. Thank you again, many times.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear so much of your hard earned money went to security products that apparently did not work. Instead of sticking your nose into where it does not belong, stick it into this site. Lots of good information with lots of help available. If you have any questions pick the appropriate topic and ask (or, if you can’t find a proper topic, post something somewhere. odds are someone will find you and help you).
Are you running a firewall? (besides Microsoft?). If not, consider Comodo Internet Security (CIS). Can’t beat the price–FREE.


Hi bodyscan, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You digged up a pretty old topic :wink: Nowadays the accent is more on prevention than on detection. So a good Firewall with a good HIPS ( Host Intrusion Prevention System ) like the CIS Firewall with Defence+ is recommendable, and you can use that together with your AVG and BOClean as a backup. Ofcource you can also pick the whole CIS package ( with the AV ) as grayhair recommended, and also use BOClean as a backup :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.