Can anyone recomend me a good free defrag tool for windows 7?

Can anyone help me with a good free defrag tool, I want a defrag tool that actually improve performance not only do a 100% defragmentation. According to Microsoft a 100% defragmentation not always improve performance. Waiting for your advice. Thank you

I want a defrag tool that actually improve performance not only do a 100% defragmentation
You my friend are going to want one that does file placement. <--sorry I don't one that does that

Since I assume your computer is defraged, I would recommend “Puran Defrag” Only because its free and does a good job at boot defragging witch most of them to the best of my knowledge don’t

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nothing rivals Auslogics disk defrag except Diskeeper pro. Set auslogics to defrag and optimize and results will follow.

I prefer Piroform Defraggler . Fast and stable and have the option to move file types of your likng to the end of the disc (Virtual PC files with fixed size works faster at end of disc)

Thank you, nice to hear that :-TU

Thank you, but for me Defraggler doesn’t speed anything in W7, windows 7 defrag actually bring performance compare with defraggler, I already try this.

I recommend Puran. I used to use Auslogics but it doesn’t have a boot defrag option and therefore can not defrag the MFT, page file, or registry. Puran does all that and more. I don’t believe in auto defragging since that causes too much wear and tear on the drive. I never use that option.

:THNK experts mean , the windows one is OK.

It’s limited and very slow.

+1 to that

Yep same here :-TU