Can Anyone Explain ?

I Came Across An Article In An Website Where It Says That Comodo Saferurf Toolbar Is Not Safe. Myself For Sure Know That Comodo Will Not Be Comming Up With Any Unsecured Product. However I Would Like To Know Whether Anyone Can Clarify And Explain That This Article Is Not Correct.

I have Provided The Link And The Article Below For Refernce

Comodo has released a new toolbar bundled with their program called Comodo Safe Surf. The toolbar itself has been considered unsafe. You can uninstall the toolbar and leave Comodo Safe Surf installed.
After testing the toolbar ASG has found that the Comodo toolbar saves your search history. You must manually clear it every time on your own. There is no automatic feature that deletes it for you. This is dangerous because you do not want a hacker knowing the name of your bank site or any other things you search for on the internet.
ASG considers this toolbar not to be safe because of this issue. A toolbar that is made for security should not contain a security issue.

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Hi Napsterz,

The article relates to ask toolbar not automatically deleting your search history. You can, of course use a history eraser like Ccleaner to remove the history and/or you can manually delete them from the toolbar menu.

** The toobar has recently been completely redesigned and is now called Hopsurf ( I’ve not got it on the machine I’m on today so I’m not sure if it automatically clears your search history or not.


Safesurf toolbar provides a menu entry to clear on demand the search history which contains a list of words the user searched for.

Assuming that an hacker is going to need and could access user related information whereas they could obviously read all browser bookmarks then all browsers are inherently insecure because users cannot wipe their browser bookmarks automatically (This is dangerous because you do not want a hacker knowing the exact web address of your bank site or any other sites you frequently visit on the Internet…)