Can access FTP file tree from some screens and not others

I would like to backup over FTP. My backup drive is connected to my router, and the FTP connection is set up. I’m able to connect to the FTP drive via FileZilla, so I know it’s set up correctly. I can also view and navigate through the folder tree on my FTP server under “Step 2: Backup Destination”. So I know it is accessible via Comodo too.

However when I’m on “Step 2: What to Backup” and select “Choose specific base” and then “From FTP”, the folder tree does not display. and the box on the left where I’m assuming it should display remains blank. I’ve tried grabbing the folder path from the screen mentioned above where it does work, but on clicking Next, an error pops up saying “Invalid path”.

Advice/assistance, please?
I’ll be leaving my home country this Wednesday, and would like to set up a safe backup at home that I can access and backup to while away.