Can a client be pushed towards a workstation that CESM can't ping?

It’s given this situation: I have the CESM server and a workstation. The workstation successfully pings and telnets the CESM. The CESM cannot ping the workstation.
If CESM cannot find the workstation on the network how can i deploy the client on the workstation?

The agent is present/installed on the workstation. How can i deploy the client on the workstation?


Uninstall the agent that is already installed on the workstation.
Please use the ESM Agent offline package , which is available under Preferences->Packages on the workstation.
Try again the manual install.
A log is created during the ESM Agent manual installation. Please reply with it.
Do you have windows firewall enabled on the server and workstation?
Allow File and Sharing in windows firewall(or any other third party firewall that is running) and try again.

firewall is disabled both on the CESM and workstation.
file sharing also activated

so, if i have this situation, CESM not being able to ping the workstation (networking policy etc) but the workstation can ping the CESM the only way to deploy is manually by using the package from CESM?

this is the log.

[attachment deleted by admin]


When you are using the push method, lets say choosing network address->add hostname or ip , does it show the endpoint as Unavailable or Ready?
The push install uses the default shares to do the installation.Are you able to access the C$ and admin$ ( \workstation\C$ )on your workstation from the esm server?
Is the endpoint part of a domain or workgroup?