Camas no analysis result

Hello Comodo Supporters,

I’ve submitted a file few days ago, but still haven’t seen the analysis result yet.
Can you please help me check it?


I looked up the file by its hash on Virustotal and it is a document file (slsx) from Excel. None of the scanners think its malicious. You could resubmit it to Virus Total and get it reanalysed and see if scanners changed their minds or not.

CIMA out of order ?

Can’t detect files.

Yes, Camas is not giving result recently but internal sample uploader in CIS works. You can use it guys

Is it working at all? I can’t even access the site

I think, Comodo going to integrate CIMA capabilities into Valkyrie and the standalone CIMA website will die soon.
We can use Comodo Valkyrie Customer Login | Advanced File Analysis System