Calling All sys Admins and advanced home users!!!!

ZTL is here!!! and FREE!!!..

this product will handle your needs for setting up a back office for all sorts of requirement you might have for your office or home. Go ahead and give it a try and let us know what you think pls…



Have forwarded details on to our IT department.


Thanks Anderow :slight_smile:


Another quality release from Comodo…kepp 'em comin. (V)

Is ZTL released under the GPL or some other license? What version of CentOS is the CentOS version based on. Thanks.

I downloaded and installed ZTL for CentOS and answered one question and another remains open. The answered question is that it is based on CentOS 4.4. The open question is that the banner on install says it is released under the GPL but there is another segment that presents me with at very commercial looking license agreement.

So the question remains, is ZTL GPL or some other license?

As a very initial review, I see little reason to use ZTL as a file/print server over stock CentOS with Webmin installed. The options are all the same for configuring file shares as under Webmin and I have to go through the exercise of creating a Web site. Why do I have to create a web site if I am just wanting to have a file/print server on a local network?

Perhaps the advantages to ZTL will be evident when I try to use it as a mai/web/FTP server, but that’s for another day.

ZTL is free, but it is not distributed under GPL.
The print server functionality is no better then the one you can find in Webmin, or in CUPS. The idea behind ZTL is to provide complete back end solution for small offices. While each separate component might not provide much benefit over existing open source (or commercial) software - ZTL makes them work together, and makes it easy for administrator to deploy.