callback : Kindly update the company name ....

Hi there
MY SSL Cert is still in callback status, How long is this going to take, its been 2 weeks since I ordered it

I have had an email with this message
Kindly update the company name xxx and phone numberxxx in online phone directory to do call back.

Just what do you mean by online ph directory,
What online directory, there are hundreds

Companies can have several ph numbers, I gave you 2 ph numbers for the callback, why not just use the other ph number that IS the main company ph number

your ref [#EFP-924389

This is terrible service & this process is dragging on far too long

I apologize for your frustration but your best bet is to respond to the Validation Team’s email to you in order to resolve your issue.

I don’t know if this is the issue he’s having but over several years I’ve never had the validation team able to receive my emails, and I’ve spoken to a number of people with the same issue.

cnr, logon to, and log it there.