Call/SMS Blocking

Hi, I want to ask. Can I set those things in Comodo?

  1. How to block hidden call (number)?
  2. How to block or allow the numbers from the list? I mean block all numbers from the list or except list.
  3. How to block for example unknown number (numbers that are not in the list)?

thank you

1,2,3 - no such features available yet :frowning:

Regarding 2, you can add as many numbers to black list which will be blocked as you wish. There is no “block all except these: […]” option.

Ok, it is shame. Do you not know if it adds in next versions?

  1. I know, but it is not very good to add number by number manually. Some apps can add the whole list.

I’ve asked about 1 (also, including numbers containing letters) to be added some time ago. Let’s wait and see.

I have to use Avast free because this features is still missing in CMS :frowning:

what is audible about it?

Regarding point 1, today update log says :“Calls from unknown number can be added to blocked list”
I gave it some tries, but without any success.
Any clue about it ?

These must be calls shorter that 15 secs or rejected by you.

I keep the phone ringing until the end.
A popup appears telling : “null” is an unknown number. Whould you like to blacklist it ?
Choosing yes, but nothing is done. The blacklist stays empty.
When manually adding a phone number (import from phone records) and selecting the empty entry, it just adds a “-2” in the blacklist, but the next incoming private number is not blocked.
What am I doing wrong ? :cry:

I think it is still not working.

Ok, so we will wait for the next release, with the hope this functionality will be fixed :slight_smile:

That’s because you are trying to add private number. Black list cannot handle it.

So any chance private numbers will be handled ?

Hopefully. I requested feature to block private numbers.

For me does not work hidden numbers and unknown numbers too.

Avast have this options. It works very well.

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coolly here such function would add in Comodo

This issue we will test, thank you for your feedback. If it is BUG, we will in the next version fixed.