Caching proxy shows an error at the end of the process

I have configured my ESM Server caching proxy, and its updating fine to my endpoints (local and remote).
However, I always get the following error after the update process is finished: please see attached image.

What can I do about it? Is this a bug?
Please not that the updates are applied successfully.

[attachment deleted by admin]


We are aware of this behavior and the Q & A team are investigating. Please bear with us while we sort this one out.


Hi, w-e-v.
Thank you for reporting this defect.
Most probably, this is not related to caching proxy. This looks like a known issue. We are working on it.

Hi Minnaloushe, thank you for the answer.
Could you please report back once the issue is resolved?
Thanks in advance.

Hello w-e-v,

It was a temporary file availability issue that was fixed about two weeks ago. My guess is that you do not experience it any more.

Please report back your current situation with this.

Thanks in advance!