Cache_Manager BSOD

I had just BSOD with CACHE_MANAGER in cmdguard.sys
Vista SP1,
Interesting: Pressing “Diagnostics” in Miscellaneous of CPF freezes computer completly in around 15 seconds.


Post your minidump file in here, and the developers will take a look at it… Guide on how to do it is in that topic. Also, don’t forget to post all information that’s required.


Idea of Minidump topic is great … but in that case is some bulls…t. Last downloaded minidump is from December 14, 2007, so since that day developers of CPF did not check any minidump, did they ?

You’re probably right, but without a minidump file, it’s kind of hard to figure out what the problem is. I have no knowledge in reading minidumps, but do you remember if you were doing anything special right before the crash?
Also, what other real-time security applications do you use together with CFP?


no other security.
Just Vista SP1 (+built in Windows Defender)
No special action was done, opening websites/downloading - that’s all