[CAB 1.0.015: mobile] "Unfortunately, Ad Blocker has stopped" [RESOLVED]


Since upgrading from CAB 1.0 to 1.0.015, CAB reports “Unfortunately, Ad Blocker has stopped” each time and is unable to load.

Mobile: Huawei Y550-L01 (4.4.4) and Tablet: Hudl HT7S3 (4.2.2)


Is anyone able to run CAB 1.0.015? (mobile version). If so, which version of Android are you using?


Does anyone have any success with this version?


Well, I’ve got a new phone now and 1.0.015 installs and runs ok. Maybe the version (4.4.4) is the issue.


Mobile: Lenovo A Plus (5.1)

Didn’t see this early!!!

I have the same problem as well on Android 4.2.2!