[CAB desktop] Skype ads not blocked

CAB started by blocking ads in Skype (top right frame). When this happens, another ad usually appears around the middle of the Skype window. The same situation also occurs when restricting sites in internet explorer and removing the placeholder in Skype’s config.xlm file. However, after a few seconds, Skype was able to show ads in the original position again.


You can try this to remove the skype ads. I haven’t used skype in a long time, but people swear by it. Dont know if theres ay side effect but you can always put it back the way it was :slight_smile:

Hi jay2007tech

Thanks for the link :). This is very similar to what I have already done, apart from the hosts file setting. Once you remove the main ad window, Skype seems to detect this and places the ad (although smaller) in a different position. TBH, doesn’t really bother me that much but just thought I would mention.