CA asking to restart the system after every update ?

After the Avira had finally ■■■■■■ me off with the stupid nag screens recently, I decided to switch to another free AV solution. I tested a few of them and decided that the Comodo product was by far the best of them. I especially like the Sandbox functionality.

Now, after having been using it for some time (a month or so), I ve noticed a very annoying thing - the product keeps asking me to restart the system after every update. It didn’t happen with other product - I hope it has something to do with my installation and can be repaired - I do not think anybody will be happy having to restart the computer every day (I keep mine turned on all the time, using the Sleep function when I do not use it).

Should I try reinstalling or what ? Thank you!

By update do you mean program update or update for the definitions?

It should not be prompting you to restart after each antivirus update.