Hello guys, I am interested in learning C++ and I was wondering if you have any links to tutorials.

Also, Is there any must haves or reccomended things i should look at?

Thanks in advanced

;These are good tutorials that I’m currently using…;


I don’t know anything about C++. Currently, I just know some Java.

Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel

Thanks very much for the links :slight_smile: I’m going to buy a book aswell. After I get out the army I want to be able to have other oppertunnities.

Hello, every thing is going really well… I’ve spent some hours on this today with little distraction and I’m enjoying it.
At this stage with basic maths sums I am understanding the layout fairly easy.

Question 1; Once I compile an “action” how can I run this “exe” outside of the compiler. I find there are alot of things with projects inside of C:/documents and settings/user/Visual studio 2008/projects/*

And if I run the executable from there the CMD flashes on the screen displaying what I told it to and then it will dissapear very fast. How do I make this stay on screen untill I press a Key? I read somewhere that pressing “F9” creates a break in the action on

return 0;
how ever it still flashes. Can someone please point me out to the right direction please.

Also - Are there many jobs for programmers these days? If so what’s the money like? As long as it’s an average wage and I enjoy it I’m not too worried about the pay.


cin.get(); <— Requires the user to press a key and enter befor ending

For now I just use a work around… I add an extra line waiting user imput before it exits

EDIT:: What are some good forums that you would reccomend joining?

Actually I quite like M$ 2008 express edition

You’re welcome (:HUG)