C:\WINDOWS\system32\xa26828531.exe Action Detect but no remove?

COMODO detected the following

C:\WINDOWS\system32\xa26828531.exe Action Detect UnclassifiedMalware@8302092
C:\WINDOWS\system32\xa26828534.exe Action Detect UnclassifiedMalware@8302092

but no remove. I would expect the threat to be removed. Is there a way to force removal?

I browsed to system32 and clicked on the file and the option to remove was presented. Why was this not presented when it was originally detected?

Did you get the Red Alert window in the center of the screen ?
That should have at least provided you with the option to “quarantine”…

I’d advise to run a scan with malwarebytes antimalware also… should it find files comodo did not detect then please save or quarantine them somewhere so they can be send to the malware labs.

Well first I saw the entries when I clicked a link claiming 2 threats had been identified which sent me to the log . That is where it showed the two threats detected. No Red Alert windows. When I browsed to the location and clicked on the file the red alert window popped up and I clicked on remove.

Have you been away from the system having it locked and or screensaver active during that time ?
It could be that the alert window timed out after the default 120 seconds.

That may be the case. Is there a way to remove this timeout? I have 9 threats now that are detected but not removed. It is not very logical for Comodo to not have an option to go back and remove issues detected.

CIS has the option to set up how long a popup alert can remain on your screen and the maximum time that you can set it is 999 seconds wich is about 16 minutes and 39 seconds !!!
So if you are away from your computer longer than that… tough luck !! Go to Antivirus - Scanner Settings and set the time there to 999 or go to Defense+ - Advanced - Defene+ Settings and put 999 or for the firewall module go to Firewall - Advanced - Firewall Behaviour Settings and also put 999.
Other than that you can’t do more about the popup alerts on screen times I think !!!
Hope maybe CIS v4 will have much longer time for popup alerts to be on screen and sound alerts when a detection happens.

                                                                                                       Be safe !

If you are not dirty of a bit of registry editing, here’s a “workaround”


You can also set CIS not only to Detect but “Detect and Remove” in the settings.