Sorry to be a pain,but could anyone tell me why i have the alg.exe file listening all the time.I also have 3 other ports relating to my ATI graphics card listening constantly but none off these ports have ever sent or recieved any data.I cannot terminate any of these connections so was wondering if they are system related.Are these ports still stealthed and will not allow any data through unless it is asked for by the application listening or could these ports be used by a nasty to gain access to my computer.

ps. I applaud you at comodo for this program,which in due time, i think most people will benefit from by being able to see what is going on on there system.

Kind regards Matty


Yes it’s a Windows system app, it’s safe. I think it’s vital to share files or printers.


“alg.exe is a process belonging to Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is a core process for Microsoft Windows Internet Connection sharing and Internet connection firewall. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated”. Generally there are listeners just in case you do something allowed by your configuration-and you may never do it. Some can be terminated by changing services from automatic to manual, for example; some, like alg.exe, seem to be necessary. I don’t have alg.exe running, but may not be Vista applicable. Try Googling the other applications and see what they are.

Thanks folks,help much appreciated.Tried a few leak tests(1 of which claimed to be totally independent but kept going on about zone alarm) and all seemed to fine. (B)

Getting my head round defence+ slowly.

Kind regards Matty