C:\WINDOWS\hh.exe and little yellow Question mark. [RESOLVED]

I uninstalled some old programs on my PC last night and while scanning through the Security policy files on Comodo Firewall & Defence+ to delete the now obsolete entries I noticed that in both places the file written as (C:\WINDOWS\hh.exe ) had a little yellow question mark beside it. I Googled it and found that it is a genuine file to do with Microsoft Help but can anyone tell me why Comodo Firewall Pro has put the question mark against it in both directories and what to do to fix this?.

Its a help files that was associated with what ever program you uninstalled. You can delete it.

Hi bluesjunior,there is no point deleting the hh entry from D+,it is the “Help Host” and will only come back if you access the help section of CFPv3.
If you have it in “Application Rules” section of the Firewall you are allright getting rid.


ps the question mark makes it look suspect just a m$ joke i reckon

Thanks for the replies, I didn’t realise it was meant to have the question mark. That did make it look suspect and was the reason for my original post.

the question mark is the program’s icon


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