C:\program files\java\jre7\lib\deploy.jar

I think my Java software has updated and Comodo CIS has sandboxed the above file as its ‘‘unrecognized’’.

Can i just move it to ‘‘Trusted files’’ with the ‘‘move to’’ button ?


PS, i think its stopping my Java from working.

Yep. It’ll do that everytime Java version changes cause the hash doesn’t match the trusted files list.

I’ve created rules using system vars to accommodate Java:

%CommonProgramFiles%\Java\Java Update\jaucheck.exe
%CommonProgramFiles%\Java\Java Update\jucheck.exe
%CommonProgramFiles%\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
‘JRE Update’

%JAVA% = user defined system var = %PROGRAMFILES%\Java\jre7
‘JRE Update’ = custom filegroup =


%TEMP% = user defined user system var = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp (this is not the same as System var %TEMP% (for that I’ve created a user defined user system var %SYSTEM% = %windir%\Temp)
%APPDATA% = default OS system var = %USERPROFILE%\Application Data

Not much changes with respect to version updates - except maintaining the ‘JRE Update’ filegroup - and when Java version major version upgrade occurs, change the environmental var appropriatesly and Comodo is fat dumb and happy.

Adobe Flash OCX - activeX - update is similar nightmare. I’ve implemented a similar scheme; for Adobe ActiveX though, the system vars specific to Adobe aren’t relevent, i.e., there’s no %JAVA% correlation to Adobe ActiveX

Or you could run Rating Scan and whitelist them from there.