C-O-M-O-D-O definition?

what’s the meaning of COMODO? ??? ??? ???

A fire breathing monster who cannot spell.

is it a dragon? :o


That looks like the one (:KWL)

what language uses this word?
singapore? egypt?

I seem to remember Melih saying he made the name up based on the komodo dragon.

so it’s komodo dragon!
thanks ;D


it’s interesting O0

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Translate italian to english :smiley:

comodo =

Can someone who speak italian verify this ???

In italian , a “societa di comodo” is a “shell company”.

Not a very nice concept…

The latin “commodo” (“de commodo et incommodo”, litterally speaking “searching for advantages and disadvantages” and used in administrative procedures language) is probably its etymology.

But of course, Comodo is most probably related to the “dragon”, which in fact has nothing common to whatever mythic animal, but is only some kind of a big lizard particularly found in the Indonesian island of Komodo.

Comodo is not the first software to use this “concept”: “The revenge of the lizard” was even the name of a software uninstalling, as far as i remember, iE up to 4.0.

Dummy corporation = o societa` di comodo :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, never knew it even meant anything.