C_ and D_

Since updating to the newest version, I re-did all of the scheduled backups just in case. I typically do a “Full backup, simple copy” and, if I am remembering correctly, Comodo used to just overwrite the last full backup I did and replace everything. Am I correct here?

Anyways, I ran the full backups on Saturday and they went through fine but I never thought to check my backup drive. Today, I notice that there is very little space left so I went searching. In my backup folder on this drive, I have “C_Full_Files” and “D_Full_Files”. These folders contain everything I backed up.

However, within each of these folders is another folder named “C_” and “D_”. Inside these are another full backup of each drive, effectively doubling the amount of space they take up. Is there an option I selected somewhere that is causing this? Im trying to find it but am coming up empty handed.

The only thing I am not sure of is if I used to pick “full backup” when running or if I typically went with “Incremental”. Would “full” cause something like this?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, if the selected backup type is full.

The naming suggests that you selected full backup when you created the schedule.

Full backup causes the files to look like this “X:\C_Full_Files\C_” and “X:\D_Full_Files\D_” in 4.0 version.
The rest of the folders may be remaining from previous version of Comodo Backup.


Thats exactly it. I should have tried that first but jumped the gun a bit and posted here. I deleted the old backups and ran a new one overnight. Everything went perfectly. Thanks for your help.