C.A.K : Comodo Anti-Keylogger

I’ll get straight to the point.

Something like KeyScrambler:

But protects the whole system.
Or keyboard (something, something) ???

Defense+ Can intercept keyloggers. So there is no need for that…

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In addition to what Kyle pointed there was a similar discussion in the forum


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I need prooof to in how Defense+ is protecting my keystrokes.

I recently been trying out Chrome and Dragon - of which KS Personal doesn’t protect in the the free version.


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Anyone got a proof video that shows Comodo D+ protects against Keyloggers? Like KeyScrambler does.


in standard setup Comodo will not (directly) protect you from keyloggers.

If you want the full protection, rightclick on the Comodo shield → settings → select proactive security
be carefull as you will lose your previous settings (previous allowed/blocked apps)

alternatively go to defense+ → advanced → advanced settings (sorry I can’t remember the correct name) → select all options

if everything is enabled, Comodo will protect you from keyloggers

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EDIT:: Look at matousec and Comodo Leak test CLT. They test for the protection against key loggers as part of their test.

Just something extra… If you do have a key logger when it attempts to make an outbound request then you will be alerted by the firewall.

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