bypass sandbox partially limited

Today was hacked Sandbox on the situation partial and limited video shows Malk
This situation became pose a risk to the user because more Net virus been impenetrable to the presence of the gap
I ask the administration to look Thread

CoMoDo 6.2 default vs Hide_& NEMO

CoMoDo 6.2 All Sandbox rules vs Hide_& NEMO

CoMoDo 6.2 Restricted & HIPS vs Hide_& NEMO

Watch the fun


I have not watched this yet. However, I was looking at the titles of the videos, and I was wondering how Untrusted faired.

Also, was the Fully Virtualized sandbox tested?

Thank you.

Do not you think that the comodo and other protection programs suffer from a lack of ability to turn off * BAT files

I think that there is a programmer targeting weaknesses comodo and programmed DEYANEMO name