by when on version3?

does anyone know when this will be ready? i’ve held up finishing this install for 3 weeks for this, but if it isn’t going to be ready until november, i’d like to know so i can get on with avira.

thanks in advance


Sorry, the answer is no. It shouldn’t be too much longer, but of course that is impossible to forecast due to unforeseen delays.

Please see this thread for explanations on why there isn’t an exact date, our expectations of when it might be released, and any future updates we have to give out. Unfortunately, that’s all there is to say.

Also, check out the anticipation thread:

Good call LA, I forgot to include that one.

signed up for email notification weeks ago, and the other two threads read exactly like the ones that preceeded the cavs that gave us the hal.dll error. so…nobody has a clue when this will actually be ready.

depressing to read “any day now” for weeks…on with avira.


There was speculation for a release at end of July, didn’t happen obviously. So hopefully the beta goes underway this month some time. But who knows, the release dates have always been off. I would just sign up for the notification, and wait it out.

We have created a topic, it will be updated with the latest information on CAVS3 and CIS. You can find it here.

Please be patient, Comodo is working very ■■■■■■■ creating an amazing antivirus program, they’ve shown everyone they have great talent with a firewall, and they can do the same with the antivirus, all they’re asking for is time.

This thread is closed. Please see above for information… It’s coming!! :wink: