BURREPORT: Problems connecting to the PC via RDP

Hi there.

I am using an old PC as a “server” at home. There are running some services as our TS-Server and so on.
After i have installed V3 of Comodo Firewall, almost everything is working fine but i can´t connect from my other PC in the same (trusted) LAN via RDP. Usually i´m using the tool "Royal TS - http://www.code4ward.net - with the standardport: 3389 - connecting to the console - for these things but the Firewall is blocking the connection now. Evan no Notification is spammed :confused:

Where and what kind of rules do i have to manage now?
Pls post every step by step.

* CPU PIII 1,2 GHz
* Operating System information Win XP SP3 now - it also didn´t worked with SP2
* using an Administrator account 

Thank you for helping me and excuse my for my bad english