Hello Comodo Team and Users !

I have some problems with this BurnAware Free dvd-cd burning tool.
The last version that gives me no digital signatures errors is 13.2.

It started from lower versions as BurnAware Free 12.x.x and random, as one BurnAware digital signature where good, another version digital signatures errors, as if authors where testing to see if someone notice.

Anyway after BurnAware Free 13.6, all the coming versions for me now have digital signatures can’t be check and COMODO flags some *.dll as malware.

i contacted BurnAware but no response whatsoever.


a. download “burnaware_cfree_14.0.exe” or “burnaware_free_14.0.exe” and check the Digital Signatures, this one’s are OK it match !

b. install

c. now check digital certificates of each *.exe files
ex: BurnAware.exe notice now any *.exe digital signatures are bad.
more some *.dll files are marked as malware !

note: BurnAware Free is a very light BluRay-DVD-CD tool writing software made from StarBurn SDK.

Hi ro.edi,

You can run a rating scan to see if the files are then correctly identified, or you can submit the program to be checked and whitelisted in the forum here :- Comodo Forum

Hi Huntokar and thanks,

Btw i don’t want to post in the whitelist…as i’m not sure yet the BurnAware is Clean !

I suspect there is really something fishy about it from a long time ago.
It’s the first app to see that the install exe file is signed with an authentic digital certificate that match (OK), but after installation the *.exe’s and *.dll’s digital certificates are NOT OK !

Now i did not encounter such thing lately from/with another software, as last time i recall was like years ago with another software (can’t remember the name) and another one “SiSoft Sandra”.
Anyway SiSoft Sandra exe installation file digital signature was not a match and therefor wrong !
My system don’t and can’t run *.exe marked digital signature error’s.
So i quit using Sisoft Sandra over maybe 10 years ago?!

And in other programs i encountered some malware files that wanted to install in my malware tests some self created digital certificates for them to do their nasty job($) !

Regarding BurnAware Free all install files are a match for theirs digital signatures, but once after installation some older and random version(s) starting from 12.x.x till 13.2 had all the installation folder files digital signature errors !
And come on as a entity who creates such a tool, you can be sure to verify it’s *.exe’s and *.dll’s to see if they are Digitally Signed OK, as signature match !

Even i (not a company) i do sign my build exe files, but i always test them for digital signature match before a go,go.
So why can’t a company do the same with their(s)?

I do advise to be careful with the BurnAware and if you would like to be at least safe use version 13.2, last one with both installation file and post installation files *.exe’s and *.dll’s match for digital signature OK !

Dear COMODO Developers please take a look at this matter as this BurnAware thing might be use by millions of users world wide !

have a look on how for example the file “bass.dll or bassenc_flac.dll” is/are packed.

more i can’t find it possible or proof for the BurnAware to self install a Certificate in my system User,Publisher or Root, and to make their files after marked as digital signature OK.
I really, really don’t want that for a program to do, and the only exception in my system is COMODO Internet Security !

My test system is only Win 10 x64 1809 LTSC, i don’t have other os’s except that.
My root cert’s are the latest from Ms.

Thanks and i do welcome any possible help !

adware (not malware, but is the mode than the companies continued yours products or softwares)… :-TU

Thanks lionsant, but…

it’s “cfree” without adware and not “free” with adware.