Builtin AD Blocker?

Should Dragon include an AD Blocker by default? Be it integrated (option to disable/enable) or available via extension.


If Comodo decides to continue to develop an ad-blocker extension. It must be UAdBlocker, it is clearly better because it uses uBlock Origin codebase. If you ask me, these extensions are waste of time for Comodo. They are just for Comodo advertisement for outside.
I prefer uBlock Origin instead of UAdBlocker by Comodo. Because uBlock Origin development is continuous :-TU

But I hope Comodo will add their own adblocker into their browsers by default, (just like PrivDog) :-TU

I voted yes for UAdBlocker

AdBlockers are plugins, and too many will say Comodo is bundling bloatware with their products. Besides, plugins should always be user choice. Let the user decide what plugins to add, and install those themselves. Like Yigido, I have my own preference for adblocker that I do use. I do not wish Comodo to bundle something in that I must remove first.
Also, let third parties develop the plugins. Stop looking for reasons to take Devs away from their main projects to do tasks third parties are doing already.

Actually, Comodo Dragon already has many bundled extensions… The real wish is CD should ask users which extension do you want to use? while installation progress…
Then it will be very good for all of us. An extra page for offering extensions from Comodo. I always remove Comodo’s extension after Dragon installation for a refresh start.

Install CD and Install Chrome…and please see the main interface of the browsers.
Comodo Dragon seems like an infected PC’s browser. Thats the fact for me.

Agree, the user should always have a choice but the function of an ad blocker improves the user experience, so I feel should be added by default (as with any useful security based extension). I disagree about third parties developing extensions. Without these extensions, Dragon is too similar to Chrome (for your average user). If Comodo care more about branding, then develop security based extensions (for all browsers) but I feel Comodo’s extensions would help their browser and image. Comodo have the vision/ability to create great software, so should create the best of the best for their browser and extensions.


Yes, Dragon should prompt at first run but have useful (security based) extensions enabled by default. For a security based product, I don’t understand why Drag&Drop Service, Media Downloader and Share Page Service extensions have been added ???. Web inspector is welcome though :-TU.

Install CD and Install Chrome..and please see the main interface of the browsers. Comodo Dragon seems like an infected PC's browser. Thats the fact for me.

To me, they are too similar and Comodo features seem to be hidden within the GUI.


uBlock would be a good one 2 have added. I don’t trust ‘Adblocker’ a bit. It’s acceptable ad’s function is NOT acceptable @ all.