Bugs Since Comodo v25.0 onwards

Here are some little info about my OS:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Intel Core i5-2450M
Nvidia Geforce GT 525M
8GB 1333MHz RAM

Occurrence : Distracting Bugs

 I always set my default search engine to Google , and I always use comodo dragon Url Address bar to type in whatever I want to search to google my questions directly since I used comodo dragon last year.Over these few months , after I updated my Comodo dragon (probably comodo dragon v24.0 or v25.0,not remembering well on this  :-X). This function had stopped working.

 Despite that , the url bar behaves very differently as how I used the version before this. When I type an alphabet(for example ,[b]G[/b]) in url bar , I can still erase my alphabets by using [i]backspace[/i] keyboard button. But if I type two alphabets or more(for example , [b]Goo[/b]) , I found that comodo dragon did not suggest according to the url correctly. 


 For example,The old version of comodo dragon was able to google the 'go' alphabet for me if I have just typed  alphabet 'go' inside my url bar.Now, the current version of comodo dragon v27.1.0 does not give me this but give me the website www.google.com instead.I had also double checked my settings and found that I have not even ticked the [b]Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar[/b] in my title bar of Privacy under show advanced settings tab.


 The third bugs , which is driven me crazy  :-\ is when I wan to retype my url link inside my address bar, I tried to [b]backspace[/b] the link alphabets by alphabets, I got stucked after deleting the 2 alphabets of my url !!Instead, comodo dragon shows me to url and highlighted the first 2 alphabets counted from the back and stopped there.  :o   


 Kindly to note that in the previous release of comodo dragon , I was able to do all this. Please fix it as soon as possible as I am actually a fans of comodo , and I used comodo antivrus and firewall since 2008 , and now I have included comodo dragon was my best internet surfer! Hope that these issue would be rectify really as soon as possible...  :P

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