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Adrian Ambroziak But QuickAssist doesn’t work for me. It’s trying to connect to the server, but without success. So I can’t do nothing. I see there is ID etc. But it’s inactive. So I can’t connect to the remote PC. Worse… It doesn’t display ID and the password on the local PC. So I guess it depends on ports, which are blocked in my network. I don’t need random ports, but exact port which ComodoLoginPro will connect sucessfully. Via website it sees only my laptop and there’s no possibility to add another computer to my account.
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Daniel Jiang QUESTION! I’M not receiving any activation email after creating an account at ALL, I checked junk mail and everything… but NOT GETTING IT!!
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Miłosz Czernikowski @Adrian, QuickAssist didn’t worke for me as well yeasterday, now it’s fine.

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Nebojša Stojilković installed on W7 64bit, won’t start…
4 October at 12:02 · Like

Shane McGillian Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Which version of Windows 7 are you using?
4 October at 13:03 · Like

Shane McGillian Do you have AV or other security software running?
5 October at 12:02 · Like

Nebojša Stojilković Windows 7 64bit, I have CIS6 Premium (the free version).