Bugs Report for Beta

Hi All,
Wish you all Very Happy New Year 2007.
Pealse report here the bugs for CAV Beta
Thank you all for your kind support.



A very happy new year to you as well.

Wow! What a release. Its almost changed beyond recognition. Gone are the high CPU email scanning problems. Well done.

However, I’m still having problems with CAVS on startup. Admittedly, gone are the CAVASM problems… very sneaky that Kishor. :smiley: Since a picture speaks volumes (Process Explorer)…


Please note the high CPU from the CAVSE processes, it stopped consuming CPU because I disabled the On-Access Scanner. I only need wait a few seconds before I re-enabled it… without a peep from the CAVSEs. But, it does take awhile to get the systray icon to respond. The Add-Remove Program applet (MSHTA) is still also a problem as well.

BTW Are there really meant to be 2 CAVSE processes?

Anyway, I’m still very impressed. (:CLP)

Happy new year kishork.

WOW I am really impressed with this release. My pc was up and running in no time. I had to answer only in 6 popups :BNC :■■■■

  1. I think there is a bug in CAVsubmit. It is impossible to upload the files

  2. How come jpegs are scanned too? This will make the users very suspicious and will not send you any files.

Because JPEGs have hidden data streams & they can contain very nasty things.

Now that’s what I call a small scan footprint! See attached screenshot.

I have been able to open/edit/close applications, open/edit/close image files, send/receive email, and surf, all with very minimal (if any) drag.

On the down side (the price you pay, I guess) is the time for a full scan, including memory:

96982 Files, 338 Memory Objects, 6860 Folders, and 810 Compressed Files took 2:00:09; this is significantly longer than before, but definitely less system drag…

So far, I have not seen multiple instances of CAVSubmit open (of course, I haven’t added anything with HIPS yet, as I didn’t do the startup scan, having kept the old DB). I’ll keep watching.

I will try the email scanning w/TB when I get home.

I haven’t had any high CPU consumption from Cavse (on-access is enabled), but I do have two instances (screenshot).

No email scanning for Outlook (using Exchange). No CavEmlSrv running at all, even during send/receive. All options checked in CAVS app/GUI.


PS: I’ll post any bugs/issues I find in the Bug Report thread. Edit: Garf! I’m in the Bug Reports thread. Doh!

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Could not agree more with you Kail.
But the problem is, how could someone explain that to a user that he will find one of his photos ready to be submitted? With a huge submittion list it is quite difficult to check all the submitted files and exclude those that contain your personal data.

Sorry, I agree… I was really addressing your why-scanned question. Submitting JPEGs to Comodo, unless they are infected, is too silly for words. Comodo will need a mainframe rather than a mere server to deal with that lot.

BTW does anybody else have 2 instances of the CAVSE process?

i think the two instances is by desing to avoid some deadlocks etc…

but Kishor can explain better.


Oh, I feel so overlooked. :‘( I’m just not feelin’ the love…


I’ve just installed Comodo for the first time ever (moved over from Avast on the suggestion of my housemate). Definately an improvement with regards to loading times, however, I’ve spotted the following problems so far:

  1. When used in conjunction with Apache on an Athlon X2, apache locks at 100% CPU load on startup. I rectified this by adding “Win32DisableAcceptEx” to the httpd.conf file, as it appears to be a known problem with certain AV software. I didn’t have this problem with Avast - I’m not sure if this could be fixed on the Comodo side or not.

  2. As someone else mentioned, I also have two processes running. This actually CAUSES deadlock, as if both processes hit full utilisation, it completely locks the processor rather than just stopping at 50% load. Of course, it may be that without this 2nd process, Comodo would never run above 50% utilisation on a dual-core CPU, making it slower.

  3. I had a 100% utilisation hard lock when browsing a particular website, which I repeated three times to confirm it wasn’t something else. I removed JPG from the on-access scanner file extensions, and now it works perfectly. Seems like a bug in the JPG processor.

  4. The file submission program complains there’s no internet connection all the time, despite there being one (as I think someone else has mentioned).

No other problems as of yet. Hope this helps!

That’s it… I’m downgrading to XP Pro this weekend.

No problems as such so far, (The Safelist DB is being created as i type this).

Although i cannot submit any files to Comodo for analysis. It comes up with an error message saying “Some error occurred during file transfer”. This may be a bug for you to fix. Apart from that, good work! ;D


Similar error here. See attached screenshot:-


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Yup thats the one! :slight_smile:

Another bug i think, although it might just be me, is when i right-click on the systray icon, both the CAVS and the taskbar right click menu comes up, making it hard to access menu items. Apart from that, all is well! just running a full system scan now, will post findings soon! :slight_smile:

Must be you ;D. Works fine here.


Sorry, LM didn’t mean to ignore you… I just don’t enough time between loosing access to the server & my speed typing isn’t good… I’m a coder… I type with 2 fingers!

I have excluded vncviewer.exe from being scanned (both on-demand and on-access) but the following message is reported:-

“Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

When I disable CAVS, I can run vncviewer.exe.


I think iv got a false positive: C:\Program Files\common files\sony shared\openmg\InstallCheckTool.exe.
Reported as Net-Worm.Win32.Randon.l. I cant believe that this could be real, as it was downloaded from the Sony Website as part of “SonicStage” software. No other AV program has picked this up before.

Plus, i cant send the file to Comodo, because of the messed up file submission :frowning:

more falses:

  • d:\files\sonicstage3.4 upgrade\omglp.zip - Net-Worm.Win32.Randon.l
  • d:\files\sonicstage3.4 upgrade\omglp\OMGLP-06-13-19-01.exe - Net-Worm.Win32.Randon.l

A little worrying to say the least! :frowning: