Bugs? not saving rules correctly

I am using CFP Firewall firewall only enabled as WINXP SP3, I haev


I enable a network zone

when I log off and on again that definition is lost.
Same problems occur if I do it is as admin or user
This happens almost all the time with new network zone definitions.

I have noticed other cases of rules or definitions which are not stored correctly or even changed by Comodo:

  • setting log file size to 3MB, I find it reset to 0MB
  • defining Global network rules: same rules not stored, in one case some new rules appeared which I have never set myself.

My Comodo runs in Custom Policy mode.

Anybody with similar experiences?

PS: I have come to the idea that the product is a little buggish and some features do not behave as the control panel implies - some of these bugs are really annoying.

Hello I can comfirm this aswell on my machine, Windows XP home SP3

“- setting log file size to 3MB, I find it reset to 0MB”

As for the other settings, Are you sure you are clicking Apply?
Thank you for reporting this - Can you please give us more imformation such as what other security apps your are running.

Saving zones was reported as a problem in version .25, appears to be fixed in the CIS beta 2 version. Version .25 had enough new bugs that I didn’t update from .24 at the time. Current recommendation is to use CIS beta 2 and install just the firewall/D+, which is not a beta, but not the toolbar or AV, which still has plenty of bugs. Bug on renaming rules is still there, but otherwise is working well for me.

Good day!

I have experienced similar problems… Maybe it is a bug, maybe not… the dev. team is the only entity who can give a real good answer on this, but the problem has to be reconstructed… I mean it must no be an incidental problem…

I have also other problems with my firewall on vista, like it does not start by itself and blocks other programs from starting and stuff…

Anyway, the version you are using now has not been updated in a while, if you want an updated version, you can try downloading CIS BETA and in the installation process you only choose for the firewall… In this way you get an improved version of the same firewall you are using now…

Let me know if the bugs you are experiencing still persist…

Have a nice day!


Triple X, thank you for feedback!

mine was a call for similar experiences showing that it is likely that there is a bug.
Its not my task to reconstruct the problem origin or test if something it is an incidental problem or not.

My (new) user experience is that its a potentially good product … still full of “glitches” :smiley: can we call them like that?

I am sure all will be solved soon as this Forum works very well (thanks to sded by the way)
Waiting next officiale release!