Bugs in Chromium Secure

There is no seperate group for Chromium Secure, so I’m posting here.

CS does not have several features compared to Comodo Dragon but in help it is said to be there.

  1. There is no option to use secure DNS only in CS.

  2. There is no option to automatically clean history at exit in CS.

That’s all I can find for now. Hope you’ll fix it soon.

By the way, I like CS so much.


Hi Shahriar,

Regarding your bugs:

  1. This will never be available in CS, only Comodo Dragon. Chromium Secure (now Chromodo) is for those who want a comodo flavour of Chrome and doesn’t contain the security features like Dragon does

  2. I believe this is a limitation in Chrome, as it doesn’t usually happen by default. I had to use a 3rd party tool to clean it. Again, due to the closeness between Chrome and Chromodo, this may not happen either :frowning:

Hi Guys,

  1. Comodo Secure DNS is intended to be added to Chromodo in the future.
  1. Clear at exit is available under privacy in the advanced settings. ( Chromodo Version )

Kind regards.