BUGREPORT: CFP 3 8minutes to Desktop (V3.0.12 x32)

Hi all,

I’ve installed the CFP 3 on Vista Home Premium 32bit and now my laptop takes about 8 minutes to finish the booting procedure:-[

Any one else got this problem? Any solution?

Beside that great firewall!!!

Most likely you have Terminal Services disabled. Check to see if that’s the case. That bug was supposed to be fixed in RC1, but some people still have this problem. If it’s enabled, then this is a different problem than what I was thinking.


Thanks for your quick reply, I will try it later and report back.

Nope it didn’t worked. It must be something else. :THNK

Thanks anyway.

your antivirus?

Please set D+ to Disable and reboot. Report any changes.

Did you have a different firewall previously and if so, was it COMPLETELY uninstalled?

Ewen :slight_smile:

try cleaning out your prefetch folder. Delete all entires then reboot.

Thank you all for your replies. The problem was finally the D+. I disabled it and now everything is back to normal.:BNC

Do you have any entries into D+ Log?
Disabling Defense+ was only a troubleshooting procedure. Now you should disable only some parts of D+ to see if it is possible to narrow this issue.
Look at Defense+\advanced\d+ settings\Monitor settings