Latest CFW
HIPS disabled
Autosandbox enabled

I installed Internet Download Manager. It is whitelisted by Comodo.

I have a ■■■■■ for IDM i.e IDMan.exe. I replaced original IDMan.exe with the ■■■■■.
Now there are 2 entries for IDMan.exe. 1 in Trusted Files & 1 in Unrecognized File.
Trusted Files - IDMan.exe - I checked Digital Signatures - It was invalid, Checked for File Lookup - It mentioned Unrecognized.


Sorry mistake on my part.

I was testing how CIS would react if I replace original IDMan.exe with cracked one.

But I forgot since version 8 Comodo trust programs already there on the system before Comodo install.

And cracked IDMan.exe was there before Comodo install.

So it was an invalid/wrong test on my part.

Only when using HIPS - Clean PC mode. The Sandbox/Auto-Sandbox works on a different principle.

HIPS disabled, he’s only using the Auto-Sandbox, and with the new defaults CIS/CFW will essentially ignore files already present on the system.