Bug synergy with CCleaner

Hi guys.

Just want to let you know that running Ccleaner from Piriform (latest version) together with CAVS latest Beta and Comodo Firewall (Latest current version) as well as Deckards System Scanner completely breaks Windows Explorer. Thereafter all attempts at copies between disks fail, and explorer crashes after browsing through “My Computer”. I cannot pinpoint the exact synergy, but this combination has broken 2 different OS’s on 2 different Machines with nothing in common except those 4. The trouble seems to appear after installing CCleaner and running it for the first time. It could very well be related to CCleaner alone, but I cannot post there at Piriform. So I decided to let you guys know for follow up and hopefully joint investigation with Piriform and the author of Deckards System Scanner

I will have to reinstall the OS’s and will then do a proper step-by-step troubleshoot. Will post the results then.
Windows XP SP 2 on both machines, btw. The symptoms consist of a explorer crash after browsing and always on closing the disc menu that is brought up by pressing Win+E. The crashes are intermittent, ie not always, but very frequent, and should not be too difficult to induce.

Hello guys,

Feedback after the reinstall. I have gradually introduced Comodo Firewall, BOclean (which I forgot to mention last time), Deckard’s System Scanner and CCleaner again. So far after a day of testing none of the symptoms of the crash on closing explorer have shown. (In other words I have used all the above programs at least 3 times and had all of them active on the system at the same time.)

I will run the system like this for another day before adding Comodo Antivirus. At the moment it looks like one of those things that just go wrong sometimes.

I apologise if I wasted time and resources with an erroneous report. I can only say that I am a bit puzzled myself.

Thanks though for a very good suite of products. Great stuff.


Reason: Out-Dated post.