BUG: Sorry this video is unsupported on this browser - amazon

When I try to watch the product videos on amazon I get this message

"Sorry this video is unsupported on this browser "

and the video does not play
the same webpage and video plays 100% file on my chrome.


searched the net and could not find a solution,
disabling and enabling hardware acceleration with restart did not fix anything


Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Amazon video is supported.

To help us diagnose the issue could you tell us a few things?

  1. In which version of Comodo Dragon did the problem occur?
  2. Which OS and if it’s 32 or 64 bit.
  3. Which Video URL wouldn’t play (if possible, we understand for privacy this may not be possible.)



  1. Latest version of comodo dragon Version 60.0.3112.115

  2. Windows 10 x64

  3. video is in the amazon link above, any amazon page videos does the same

I got this link by inspecting the elements of the page above