Bug Reports For Valkyrie Uploader

I’ve been seeing a lot of problem with Valkyrie Uploader.

Please post here any problems that you are experiencing with it. Also provide any relevant information about your system.


I’ve been finding that a lot of files that I upload with it are infinitely being analyzed. However, if I upload the same files through the ordinary upload page the files are analyzed fine.

It seems like maybe it only works when the file has been analyzed before. I’m not sure, but that’s my guess.

I’m running this on Windows 7 x64 and my main browser is the newest version of Comodo Dragon.

I also found two files that, if I try to upload them, crash Valkyrie Uploader.

They’re attached to this post in the Malware Research Group section of the forum.

it doesn’t support accented characters:


open file error:D:\T‚l‚chargements[HTTP]\WebInstaller.exe


the two comma are in fact “é”

Windows 7 x64 French

The bug appears only with the explorer contextual menu

Any update for this ?

I think it’s dead. :-\

What a pity!
Comodo can make 2 uploader . Currently we have full of bugs Comodo Valkyrie Uploader.
Even users tried something Camas Uploader :-X

@Chiron, can you contact some devs maybe they can fix bugs in it ? A new version maybe v1.1. ?

I’m sorry, I don’t know that there’s anything I can do. Perhaps there could be a user-made version made for this as well. :embarassed:

Ok, thanks Chiron.

iv contacted comodo about issues with the uploader a while ago and they told me it doesnt work because the valkyrie service has changed how it uploads files. This change broke the uploader and they told me they would update the uploader once the work on valkyrie was finished.

This was a year or 2 ago…

Thanks wasgij6 ;D two years ago… :o

unfortunately yes

■■■■… :-TD

So… Is Valkyrie dead? Or discontinued? As it hasn’t worked for me for months now.

thats a great question

I have an account on Valkyrie. My Assingments still in process :o

And it is not working for me now, and not working for months…
The only thing that Valkyrie need is a “Valkyrie Discontinued Post” :-TD