Bug posting guidelines

Greetings testers!

As invited beta testers for Comodo Endopoint Security Manger version 3.0 we request that you follow our bug reporting guidelines thereby enabling us to efficiently and concisely duplicate the errors you are experiencing. This allows us to “fix better/fix faster”. Thank you.

Please provide:-

  1. A description of the error
  2. OS version of ESM server and Endpoints
  3. FULL ESM and Agent version e.g.'ESM 3.0.51109.1’.
  4. Licensing information (license type, number of endpoints, special conditions)
  5. Network layout if applicable i.e. IP addressing, server and agent location (single VLAN, Inter-VLAN connectivity, real/private/mixed network environment)
  6. Precise and clear steps of the bug reproduction
  7. Special conditions i.e. other AV/security software, firewall settings etc.

Special cases:-

  1. Installation
    Should an error occur during ESM installation process (before server is successfully started) then please make a screenshot of the error message before installation is rolled back and attach the log. Otherwise, just attach the installer log file ‘CESM Installer Log.txt’ found at ‘%TEMP%\CESM_Setup\CESM Installer Log.txt’.

  2. Agent and CIS deployment, no or incorrect data in reports, endpoint management errors
    In case of errors during Agent or CIS deployment, absence of data in reports or faults in endpoint management please submit the Event Log from the ESM server (right-click My Computer → Manage → Event Viewer and save Application, Comodo and System logs) and the CESM Agent log from the endpoint (C:\Program Files\COMODO\CesmAgent\CESM_AGENT_LOGS\agnModCIS.log’)

  3. User interface errors and any console fault or exception
    Errors of these kinds are written to ‘yyyy-MM-dd.cesm.log’ file which is saved in the Silverlight Isolated Storage area of the machine the web browser used to access the ESM console is running on.
    Please search for ‘*.cesm.log’ files in the appropriate folder for:-

    Windows XP - \Documents and Settings<user>\Local Settings\Application

    Windows Vista/7 - \Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\is

    Mac OS X - /Users//Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Silverlight/is

save the file that was last modified. Screenshots of the console display errors would be beneficial.

  1. ESM server log ‘trace.svclog’
    This contains all the messages from different server components. It should be attached to ANY ESM issue report except for the ones that occurred during the installation (this log is not created before ESM server is started).

As trace.svclog is highly verbose it can become enormous in a matter of days and should NEVER be turned on and left unattended on live ESM server machines.

Note: In beta ESM builds trace.svclog is enabled by default – please be aware of this if you will be leaving the beta running for indefinite periods.

Happy testing guys and gals.