Bug or part of Security????

I am new here and use CD for the first time
This is what happens when I open CD homepage
Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.
This webpage is not available
-1 When I click on reload CD opens normally
-2 Looked on the Forum for an answer but could not find it
-3 Installed CD 22.04.0 Stable version
-4 Plug ins: Wot for CD ( Disabled WOT but issue persists.)
-5 OS Win 7 Pro 32 bits
-6 UAC enabled
-7 Location of OS C:\ Windows +Fire Wall
-8 Location of CD C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon
-9 User Privilage: Admin and User
-10 Google Chrome installed vs 22.0.1229.79 Stable. I do not have this issue with Chrome or any other Browser like FireFox and IE9
-11 Security: Eset Smart Security vs 5.1 + Malwarebytes 165.0. 1400 and Emsisoft 7.0 (Free versions)
No issues with opening other websites exept CD on first start
Bug or part of Security ???
Thanks for your time and help

Does that also happen if you set an other webpage to open on startup?

There is no webpage at all My start up web page is www.google.com set in the settings on start up
I tried more sites like yahoo and Bing as search engines but it does not make any difference
When I click on reload it loads ok But I always have to do that and that does not make sense inless this is a security issue

Hi Pjottr,
I have seen this issue happen twice now with the latest release, and one common factor I have seen is that chrome is also installed.
Maybe some strange form of unknown conflict between the two. :-\

If you want could you please try the portable version, this installs along side the installed version with no issues.
All program and user data is stored in one folder, this could eliminate whether or not something is happening with the user profile of Dragon.
Dragon Portable Version
Edit: Have you tried in incognito mode, this disables most extensions in case of any conflicts happening with the latest version?
Also type dragon://plugins/ into the address bar and enter, then disable your plug-ins in case of a conflict.

Thanks for replying
I will try all options like the portable version and incognito Also without all plugins and addons
etc for at least a week
I will let you know about my experience

Sofar my experience,

I used CD portable but the problem still persist.
Disabling extensions and addons does not make any difference both in installed version or in the portable version
I used CD in the incognito mode and now the issue does not happen. No more Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset. This webpage is not available

Am rather curious what would be the possible cause.

Apart from this issue Comodo Dragon has become my favorite browser especially for its security features.
Its fast and reliable
My ISP had a DNS server problem and I could not use any other browser.No access to the internet
However CD running via its own DNS servers made me still able to visit the internet.

We have eliminated profile, extensions, plugins, although it still points to extensions in the fact that incognito doesn’t have the issues.
I would try removing any/all extensions if possible in preference to disabling.
Sorry nothing has worked so far.

My ISP had a DNS server problem and I could not use any other browser.No access to the internet
In regards to the above, I would suggest contacting your ISP to get this issue resolved.

Did you allow Comodo Dragon trough firewall ?
All of the problems you wrote doesn’t make any sense except that CD is blocked by firewall

Insert Quote
Did you allow Comodo Dragon trough firewall ? Yes and
Indeed it makes no sense
I am in contact with my ISP about this. Perhaps its time to change ISP

Hi Pjottr,
Have you tried the latest release to see if the error on startup is resolved?
Comodo Dragon

Also until the DNS issue with your ISP is resolved you could set Comodo Secure DNS system wide.

Would like to give that a try but have a few questions: I see it is opted for Vista and XP. But I run Win 7 pro 32 bits. Will that be ok? What happens to my other browsers
like Mozilla and IE9 Will they be affected? Will these browsers also use these settings or will I not be able to use those as long as I use CD DNS settings?

I upgraded earlier to the latest CD but the same issue
No answer from my ISP yet

Thanks for helping me out

Hi Pjottr,
It works equally on either operating system, I agree they should list Win7.

If you run Comodo Secure DNS system wide all browsers will use Comodo Secure DNS.
If at any time you would like to disable Comodo Secure DNS go back through the steps and in the final step select Obtain DNS server address automatically to use you ISP DNS.

Most grateful for your quick response
I will change to CD Secure DNS and will let you know about my findings
Just give me a week or so and I get back to you

You are welcome, I hope it works out OK for you. :slight_smile:

After changing to CD secure DNS, CD is running smoothly without errors. Meaning that the issue must be related to the DNS of the ISP.
They never got back to me and I am not surprised really as they don’t care. That is the mentality. Why would they bother about one customer when having millions of them.
Anyway I will stayed tuned to CD Secure DNS. Other brouwsers are going fine with it.
I would like to thank those who have responded to my post for the time spent and the effort to help me out
As far as I am concerned case closed.
Kindest regards

Pjottr keep on pushing your ISP.
They should consider that one customer (Yourself) has friends, your friends have friends and so on. :wink:
All the best.