bug in cmdagent

Here is my version of Comodo Firewall Pro
I have a 32 bit operating system with Windows XP. I tried to upgrade Comoda to the next version. After installing the upgrade, I went to reboot and Windows would not load. I loaded in safe mode and then restored the system to a previous day. When Comodo started loading, it said bug in cmdagent.exe, needs to close. The repair utility in Comodo will not fix this. Is it a virus? How do I fix this?


Try uninstalling CIS and install the latest version; to be had here: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/comodo_internet_security_3995478509_released-t39202.0.html .

It is recommended not to import your 3.8 configuration because there are some changes to default policies.