Bug in CIS 11

Hi Comodo staff.
I think I found an error in the latest version of CIS.
The program causes the operating system freeze when using the context menu
More details here.
My system is Windows 7 sp1 x64
** Text written using Google Translator.

Change setting?

Acess setting config manager > click > import: Personal Configurations | Comodo Internet Security | Internet Security

seach for C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security and select you setting rename and active

click OK

Try to remove one at a time and reboot after each removal glary utilities, md5 checksum tool from novirusthanks, and izarc. One of those context menu handlers are probably interfering with the CIS context menu handler.

futuretech I think the problem has disappeared. I’ll run a few days tests for 100% confidence.

I am very sorry but the problem still occurs.
Please for help

Like I said before you should try to remove other applications that install context menu handlers to see which one is causing conflicts.

I have now removed everything carefully.
I will check it again.

Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I am not able to determine which application is causing conflict.

The situation repeats itself again. Some time ago I changed Izarc to bandizip. Everything was fine until I updated the bandizip program to the latest version. since then, this problem has occurred again.
Logs https://drive.google.com/file/d/13XoqyCQRcR9j3UGBrvx-5vS_7tGbNcds/view?usp=sharing