Bug has been found in COMODO KillSwitch in Autorun Analyzer

I’ve been told by Harinarayanand and he saying this is a bug in COMODO KillSwitch in Autorun Analyzer section as these files are already whitelisted see below. Thank you

The original post topic: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/submit-applications-here-to-be-whitelisted-2013-t89867.0.html;msg686505#msg686505

Which version of CCE is this for?


Another safe file affected by this bug is Intel Indeo Video: ir50_32.dll. I’m using the same CCE/Autoruns version as SpeedyPC.


Any feedback if this bug going to be resolved or is Comodo is going to release another version soon.

Thank you.

I have more unknown files have already been Whitelisted



Hi All,
Add unknown files to TrustFiles list, and you need to restart KillSwitch, then KS will report those files are ‘Trusted’.

Best Regards.

Hi Flykite:

None of my unknown files even appear in KS, they appear in Comodo Autoruns where the status cannot be altered. Any ideas?

Sorry I didn’t get back to this asap, and I’m having the same issue as Jahn :embarassed:

Hi, speedypc,
do you use cce and autoruns in CIS?
In my PC, I use autoruns in CIS, autoruns display “gatherNetworkinfo.vbs”, “vsfilter.dll” as unknown. As autoruns judge the rating from cis,these may be CIS’s bug. You can Go to CIS->Tasks->Advanced Tasks-> submit files to submit
And I install powerDVD13, autoruns rating powerDVD related files as Trusted. And autoruns rating other K-lite files as trust. I have no idea why they display as unknown in your computer. But in later version, autoruns will add a function, when you right click on an unknown item, you can select “Add to Trusted Files”, then the rating will be trusted